Wednesday, April 3, 2013

In Which I Fumble Around And Enjoy It

So I've actually begun writing.  I'll give you all a few seconds to recover from the shock.  Any of you who dropped dead of surprise, my condolences.

Now, let me clarify that.  "Begun" means I've re-typed the same bit about six or seven times now.  I'm still not happy with the bastard.  There's been lip chewing, hair pulling, and the occasional profanity; I'm not sure if I'm writing, or giving myself Tourette Syndrome somehow.  But this is the process, or so I'm told.

Scripts for my videos are different.  I don't have to take into consideration things like who my characters are, what they're trying to convey . . . it's not much deeper than explosions and dick jokes (such a classy way to pull down cash, I know).  So I don't write and re-write as much.  I tend to have the bits, the gags and the general structure already laid out in my head.  I write around that; usually there's barely a re-write.

Fiction, and film scripts . . . different kettle of fish.  There's still a general structure to write around, but at present it's an outline.  It says what's going to happen when, who's gonna do what, yadda yadda.  That's good.  You need something to work from.  Some folks go in blind with a rougher idea of what goes where, and if they can work that way then more power to 'em.  Me, I'm a planner.  I like a map.

So I have in hand everything my procrastinating ass needs to flesh out a film and get a draft on paper.  I have some free time right now, so that's something I need to focus on.  I'm not sure how much I'll have done in a month, but I intend to have something to show for this downtime.

That's why it's probably confusing why my re-writing is actually kind of satisfying.  It's a bit like building a great big Lego tower just to smash it when you're done, and then . . . make another one.  You learn.  You learn which bits go where, and how.  You learn to build it a little more soundly.  Maybe you find a way to substitute different pieces here and there.  Maybe you accidentally put one of those pointy bits at the top, forget about it, and the next time you smash the tower it results in a horror show of blood, screams and plastic.

You know, metaphorically speaking.

All of it is learning.  Writing novels and scripts are completely different propositions.  Novels are closer to what we're used to in school, essay-format stuff.  Scripts have enough customs, taboos and morays to make the Catholic Church seem like amateurs.  I'm going to have to learn it, because if I don't and it ends up on someone's desk then my little opus will be regarded as though it was composed with fingerpaint and spittle.  But I'll get the hang of it.

If you'll excuse me, there's an opening scene to rewrite, and a section of hair I haven't tugged in a while . . .

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  1. And of course you type on the computer which allows for even greater procrastination. Like right now, I should be working but instead I am looking at patterns on Ravelry -- ooh Zombie Spock blanket.